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Business Challenge

Keep your audience on the edge of their seats and make sure the entertainment never ends by giving them the content you know they’ll like. Engage them by allowing them to get closer to the stuff they love. Activate them when the movie is released, when the new episode is airing, or when the latest album drops. Keep your fans happy, connected, and coming back for more.

Our Solution Approach

Our platform allows your audience to engage with your content on any device and on any social network, and helps bring all of those fans and their conversations back to the digital properties you own and control. The days of anonymous audience metrics are over—we’ll aggregate your fan data at the individual level so you can personalize content and drive deeper affinity. As media consumption becomes more personalized, Janrain stays ahead of the curve to make sure you are, too.

Featured Customers

How the Janrain Platform Helps Media and Entertainment Companies

Janrain keeps your audience engaged across the social web. From driving registration for second-screen conversations and live events and enabling the capabilities that will keep fans participating, our platform is optimized for the multi-screen world your audience lives in. We synchronize identity and engagement data across every interaction and device, so you can keep delivering more of what they want.

  • Engagement Trends
    Create powerful visualizations of content trends to illustrate the popularity of your artists, shows or movies.  Learn More »
  • Engagement Streams
    Showcase the dedication and enthusiasm of your audience with live chat, commenting, image boards and other high-visibility applications.  Learn More »
  • Social Login
    Log in to your digital experiences using a social network. Collect valuable data from social networks and other third-party identities to create more personalized experiences for your customers.  Learn More »
  • Registration
    Front end registration forms to collect first-party and third-party data about your customers. Define required and optional fields in order to ensure that you get the data you need to create personalized experiences. Personalize forms through progressive profiling to build data points that can be used to create personalized, targeted experiences for your customers.  Learn More »
  • Profile Data Storage
    Store and manage customer profile data to deliver personalized marketing. Collect first-party data from registration forms, third-party data from social login, and additional data from data append services. Manage rights and encumbrances of different data assets, to use for personalization in different channels.  Learn More »
  • Social DVR
    Sync social streams directly into your content playback, so fans’ social experiences time-shift, too.  Learn More »
  • Single Sign-On
    Manage identity across multiple websites and subdomains so you can personalize your customers' experience across all digital channels.  Learn More »
  • Data Integrations
    Integrate customer data across your entire marketing technology ecosystem to deliver continuous cross-channel experiences. Out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular activation platforms, like email service providers and CRM systems, make it easy.  Learn More »
  • Customer Insights
    Visualize your customers based on demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics. Create segments for personalized marketing across multiple devices, channels, and marketing systems.  Learn More »
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