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In the age of the consumer, a well thought-out digital identity strategy is foundational to meeting challenges in customer loyalty, digital transformation, new privacy regulations and the next wave of identities associated with the Internet of Things. Learn how Janrain can help you navigate the digital identity landscape.

Consumer goods

Understand your customers, create omnichannel experiences, and build brand loyalty and trust with an identity solution that unlocks direct relationships with consumers.

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Seamlessly manage identities, ensure privacy and security, and adhere to regulatory standards in a patient-centric environment.

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Media and publishing

Boost subscriptions, increase ad revenue, and create omnichannel experiences with closer ties to a more engaged audience.

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Omnichannel retail

Build personalized shopping experiences and visibility across all channels for greater value, revenue, and brand loyalty.

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Sports and entertainment

Create omnichannel fan experiences, provide personalized recommendations, and boost sponsorship values.

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Travel and hospitality

Boost bookings and drive business value through personalized, omnichannel guest experiences that build brand loyalty.

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Financial services

Manage identities, ensure security and privacy, and comply with regulatory standards in a friction-free, consumer-centric environment.

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In the modern digital world, personalized customer experience has become the foundation for success. Understand and manage customer profiles, ensure security and privacy, and comply with regulatory standards in a scalable, omnichannel, personalized environment

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Deliver extraordinary customer experiences, boost consumer trust and loyalty, and increase lifetime value with universal customer identities.

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