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Janrain respects your privacy and will treat the personal data you choose to share with us in accordance with our privacy policy.

The Janrain Identity Cloud® for healthcare

Today more than ever, healthcare organizations must ensure security, privacy and compliance, while providing the seamless, frictionless access that healthcare providers, patients and partners demand.

As the first choice of leading healthcare, biopharma and life sciences organizations, the Janrain Identity Cloud provides for the secure exchange of verified, third-party credential information, ensuring authorized access to restricted information and assets. Our customer identity and access management solution makes it easy to manage patient and healthcare provider identities in compliance with regulatory requirements. Your organization and your users will benefit from the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the right people have access to the right content – all in a secure, friction-free, patient-focused environment.

“Janrain enables us to give HCPs faster and more secure access to resources and drug samples needed to help with patient care.”

- Director, Marketing Technology Strategy, Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Patient login screen on mobile device shows simple secure solution for digital healthcare identity management.

Patient-centric and connected care

Create and manage secure identities for patients and healthcare providers – giving your users convenient, seamless, real-time access.

  • Offer easy, verified social log-in, including Doximity, Medy, OneKey, DocCheck, MediKey, and FIMNet
  • Give patients control of their digital identities and data sharing choices with comprehensive preference and consent management
  • Collect data from mobile apps, connected wearables, health services, and more
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An illustration depicts CIAM registration, authentication, security and privacy features that protect healthcare brands.

Privacy and security

Ensure peace of mind for your organization and users with our comprehensive registration, authentication, security and privacy features.

  • Control who gets access to what information and assets – and for how long
  • Benefit from the Janrain Fraud Score, providing real-time background checks
  • Easily and securely grow your user base and your business with our scalable, cloud-based implementation
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Shield and gavel illustrate identity management solution complies with HIPPA, HITECH and EU GDPR regulations.

Regulations and compliance

Benefit from the highest compliance with regulatory standards, tailored to fit your unique business requirements.

  • Full compliance with HIPPA, HITECH and more
  • Supports compliance with the new European Union GDPR data protection regulations
  • Flexibility to implement regional standards and governance to meet your specific needs
  • All access controlled both internally and externally
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The Janrain Identity Cloud® offers centralized identity management for pharmaceutical brands and healthcare providers.

Ecosystem collaboration

You can trust the Janrain Identity Cloud to manage all of your identity access needs across your entire digital ecosystem.

  • Create, edit and manage your patients and providers through our robust Customer Care Portal
  • Benefit from a single view of truth for universal identity
  • Speed time to market for your unique solution
  • Gain new opportunities for insights across devices, channels and platforms, and your entire user population
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“Janrain developed a unified, secure and scalable global registration platform for us that gave HCPs access to regulated medical resources while meeting geographically diverse compliance standards”

- Leading pharmaceutical company

Healthcare Integrations

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