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The Janrain Identity Cloud® for the insurance industry

Rapidly evolving consumer expectations – coupled with changing regulations, security concerns and new technologies – are dramatically transforming the insurance landscape, disrupting home and auto insurers, life and annuity carriers, and healthcare insurers alike. To satisfy customer expectations and navigate the evolving landscape, insurance carriers must cultivate direct, friction-free, omnichannel relationships with customers, agents and partners.

The Janrain Identity Cloud is the first choice of leading insurance companies to provide authorized, personalized access across devices, sites and applications. Our customer identity and access management solution makes it easy and cost-effective to manage customer, agent and partner identities in compliance with regulatory and security requirements. With our collection of demographic, psychographic and behavioral consumer data across digital properties, applications and devices, you’ll gain an enriched, single, 360° view of each individual user – equipping your organization with the information you need to meet your digital challenges and succeed.

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“Digital technology has transformed insurance, and the pace of that change is accelerating … Customers – and the agents and advisors who support them – increasingly expect insurers to meet their real-time information needs whenever, wherever, and on whatever device that’s convenient.”

- The Digital Insurance Imperative – Vision: The Digital Insurance Strategy Playbook, Forrester Research Inc., April 26, 2017

Omnichannel Access Management

Omnichannel access management

Omnichannel Access Management

Create and manage secure identities for your customers, agents and partners – giving them seamless and friction-free access to policy information across channels and devices. 

  • Simplify and safeguard access to digital properties with tiered registration, using social login, single-sign-on, two-factor and step-up authentication
  • Build better customer relationships with comprehensive preference and consent management tools 
  • Deliver personalized customer experiences with real-time customer profile data that flows seamlessly across channels.


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Better Customer Insights

Better customer insights

Better Customer Insights

Combine demographic data with behavioral and personal preference insights on consumer interactions with your insurance brands. Managing identities centrally creates a richer view of policyholder data that can increase revenue and brand loyalty. 

  • Improve policyholder experiences with customer identity data
  • Gain new insights from reporting tools and segment data
  • Customer journey analytics help you deliver optimum experiences
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Secure your Customer Data

Secure your customer data

Secure your Customer Data

Our adaptive authentication, scoped access and centralized policy management ensure that customers, agents and central teams have access to the appropriate policyholder information while minimizing risk.

  • Consolidate fragmented authorization rules with a central solution that serves all of the apps, assets and sites in your ecosystem
  • Define user access roles and deploy multi-factor and adaptive authentication for additional security
  • Rapidly identify and respond to fraudulent account creation with Janrain Fraud Score
  • Get a bird’s eye view of your data and services ecosystem and the users who access it - a single source of truth for demonstrating compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements
  • Integrate registration, authentication and user activity data into any enterprise SIEM system
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Privacy and Compliance

Privacy and compliance

Privacy and Compliance

Benefit from the highest compliance with regulatory standards, tailored to fit your unique business requirements.

  • Supports European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • EU Payment Services Directive (PSD2) compliance
  • Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) compliance
  • Flexibility to implement regional standards and governance to meet your specific needs
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Janrain Identity Groups

Janrain Identity Groups

Janrain Identity Groups

The Janrain Identity Groups add-on lets your policyholders share assets and create private groups around them by linking multiple profiles. 

  • Provide scalability and data schema flexibility to manage identities of users and their connected devices
  • Allow segmented accounts tied to specific products, subscriptions, devices and other “things” into several profiles 
  • Administrators can manage groups of profiles and define access to data, resources and services for each individual member
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 “As more customers use their handy mobile devices to research, buy, and use their insurance coverage, digital insurance teams have to streamline information gathering.”

- Trends 2017: North American Digital Insurance – Lead Your Company’s Journey to Mastering Digital Business, Forrester Research Inc., August 8, 2017

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