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Janrain respects your privacy and will treat the personal data you choose to share with us in accordance with our privacy policy.

The Janrain Identity Cloud® for sports and entertainment

The goal for sports and entertainment brands is to keep audiences on the edge of their seats – and make sure the entertainment never ends – by giving fans the exciting content that will keep them coming back for more.

The Janrain Identity Cloud is the first choice of leading sports and entertainment brands. It helps you transform your audience into unique individuals, each with their own preferences and interests. Our platform lets fans engage with your content on any device and on any social network, and helps bring their conversations back to your digital properties. As entertainment consumption becomes more personalized, Janrain stays ahead of the curve to make sure you are, too.

“The new social login capability for Madison Square Garden accounted for 25% of new registrations, which translates from an average of 200 registrations a month to 200 registrations a week within the first three months.”

Fan login screen on mobile device shows simple secure solution for sports & entertainment identity management.

Engage your fans

Easily acquire and recognize fans across all your sports and entertainment properties with an omnichannel registration and access management solution that increases conversions and improves customer experiences.

  • Simplify fan registration with social login and single sign-on
  • Achieve a 360-degree view of your fans with demographic and behavioral data
  • Build better fan relationships with customer preference management
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Managing identities centrally creates a richer view of customer data that can boost fan loyalty and sponsorship revenue.

Gain deeper fan insights

Combine demographic data with behavioral and personal preference insights on fan interactions with your sports and entertainment brands. Managing identities centrally creates a richer view of customer data that can increase revenue and fan loyalty. 

  • Use identity insights to offer your fans personalized omnichannel experiences
  • Innovate on the court and in the stands with customer journey analytics
  • Drive sponsorship and advertising revenue with improved identity data
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A puzzle illustrates how Janrain’s identity management solution integrates with sports & entertainment technology.

Connect your technology stack

Centralized, usable and secure customer data is at the core of the value that Janrain delivers to our clients. We work with sports and entertainment brands to integrate customer profile data into your technology stack and provide real-time fan data to your entire ecosystem. 

  • Innovate across the entire fan experience–ticket sales, pre-event, at event, and post-event
  • Simplify customer profile management with a platform that integrates seamlessly with your technology stack
  • Share real-time fan profile data with apps and digital properties for personalized omnichannel experiences. 
  • Benefit from a single view of truth for universal fan identity
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Illustrates CIAM registration, authentication, security and privacy features that protect your fan base and your brand.

Secure your fan data

Ensure your brand’s reputation with comprehensive authentication, access management and data governance features. Janrain adheres to the strictest security and privacy best practices in the CIAM industry. 

  • Real-time fraud analytics help prevent fraudulent access attempts
  • Consent lifecycle management supports GDPR compliance
  • Strict data management and scoped access controls reduce risk
  • Customer care portal simplifies fan provisioning and support
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“Every artist wants to know who their fans are and provide a more personalized experience for them on their website. Social profile data that is actionable allows us to impact each visit like never before.” 

Lee Hammond, VP of Technology, Interscope Geffen A&M Records

Sports and entertainment integrations

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