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The Janrain Identity Cloud® for travel and hospitality

Travel and hospitality brands today face a number of challenges, including competitive pricing pressures, web-based private accommodation and transportation, and global security threats.

As the first choice of leading travel and hospitality brands, the Janrain Identity Cloud enables your organization to offer additional value by building direct relationships with your consumers and guests. Our platform gives you the power to deliver unparalleled marketing experiences by streamlining guest identification with social login and registration – and enabling diverse engagement applications that generate even more rich customer data.

“Janrain was a perfect choice for us as they are a global company that can offer our users the choice of many different login options. We have seen excellent uptime since working with them and I am extremely pleased with the service we have been given throughout our relationship.”

- Valtteri Karu, Director, Technical Operations, Sulake (Habbo Hotel)

Connect with travelers

Easily acquire and recognize customers across all your digital properties with an omnichannel registration and access management solution that increases conversions and improves guest experiences.

  • Simplify guest registration with social login and single sign-on
  • Achieve a 360-degree view of travelers with demographic and behavioral data
  • Build better relationships with customer preference management
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Gain customer insights

Combine demographic data with behavioral and personal preference insights on consumer interactions with your travel and hospitality brands. Managing identities centrally creates a richer view of customer data that can increase revenue and brand loyalty. 

  • Improve guest experiences with consumer identity data
  • Gain new insights on travelers from reporting tools and segment data
  • Customer journey analytics help you optimize for conversions
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Secure guest data

Guard your brand’s reputation with comprehensive authentication, access management and data governance features. Janrain adheres to the strictest security and privacy best practices in the CIAM industry. 

  • Real-time fraud analytics help prevent fraudulent access attempts
  • Consent lifecycle management supports GDPR compliance
  • Strict data management and scoped access controls reduce risk
  • Customer care portal simplifies guest provisioning and support
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Connect your technology stack

Detailed, usable and secure customer data is at the core of the value that Janrain delivers to our clients. We work with travel and hospitality brands to integrate customer profile data into your technology stack and provide real-time traveler and guest data to your entire ecosystem. 

  • Simplify guest profile management with a platform that integrates seamlessly with your technology stack
  • Share real-time guest profile data with apps and digital properties for personalized omnichannel experiences. 
  • Benefit from a single view of truth for universal guest identity
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“Janrain’s client base exceeds 3,400 brands worldwide, managing more than 1.5 billion digital identities.”

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Our enterprise sales team is available for consultations at every step of your travel and hospitality customer identity management journey.

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