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Customer identity
for business leaders

Global business leaders today are faced with a myriad of challenges concerning the management, governance, and security of their customers’ access to digital systems and data—all without negatively impacting the consumer experience. Providing unparalleled time to value, the Janrain Identity Cloud® helps enterprises improve, simplify and secure customer experiences through personalized customer journeys, thereby improving consumer loyalty and lifetime customer value. Our platform provides one real-time profile, so your company has a single view of your customer—anywhere, everywhere. What’s more, it connects to any customer-facing system to empower agile, effective CRM.

The bottom line: We deliver better customer data to inform your business, marketing and engagement decisions—so you can react to changing business needs quickly, continuously enhance the customer profile, and iterate on your conversations with your customers in real time.

“Digital businesses need deep customer insights to successfully deliver products and services to customers that increase their engagement and brand loyalty while maintaining their security and privacy.”

Top trends that will shape CIAM In 2018 and beyond, Forrester Research Inc., September 7, 2017

Janrain Identity Cloud advantages

  • Improved cx
  • Reduce time to Market
  • Reg and activity
  • uuid
  • IT admin
  • Security ops
  • Customer service
  • Project management

Rely on a mature solution

Founded in 2002, Janrain is the most mature vendor in the identity management industry. The Janrain Identity Cloud is the first choice of global enterprises for mission-critical customer identity and access management. Our platform provides real-time identity management, security, and activation capabilities that enable seamless and safe customer experiences—while providing your organization with deep customer insights.

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Ensure security and build trust

Our native cloud architecture has been designed to build customer trust and protect your company’s reputation with privacy and governance capabilities second to none. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness—along with TRUSTe and ISO 27001 certifications and a clean SOC 2 Type II report—provide your business with the confidence that the Janrain Identity Cloud will consistently protect your customers’ cherished identities and data.

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Scale globally

Starting in 2006, Janrain was the first CIAM vendor to manage customer identities on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Janrain Identity Cloud provides higher availability and greater reach than any other solution. We provide 42 availability zones in 16 geographical regions across the globe, supported by 200 AWS cloud data centers. For global enterprises that cannot afford to lose access to customer data—even for a minute—there is no better choice than Janrain.

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100% delivery guarantee

We guarantee a 100% on-time, on-budget, within scope delivery of our Janrain Identity Cloud services. With over 15 years history in developing a proven set of best practices and delivery methodologies, you can trust Janrain to deliver your customer identity and access management solution.

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