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Customer identity for IT

The largest companies and brands in the world trust the Janrain Identity Cloud® to manage their most valuable assets – their customers’ identities. Our turnkey, cloud-native platform provides a universal identifier across the entire enterprise, allowing your company to benefit from a single, real-time view of your customer—anywhere, everywhere. To simplify customer profile management, Janrain securely collects and manages all of your customer profile and device data across all digital channels, while integrating seamlessly with your security and activation ecosystem. You can use your customer data in real time, leveraging pre-built integrations, SDKs, APIs and more.

The Janrain Identity Cloud scales globally and supports your enterprise-grade deployments. It eliminates the need to build and maintain costly platforms and homegrown applications, saving significant time and money. Janrain provides your organization with a consistent data structure, as well as configurable registration and login experiences.

With the Janrain Identity Cloud, your business stakeholders can rest assured that your IT organization is protecting the company’s valuable customer data at the system, application, and infrastructure layers—allowing stakeholders to focus on delivering business value.

CIAM solutions in data architecture for global enterprise

Janrain Identity Cloud benefits

50% reduction in total cost of ownership

2x improvement in time to value

99.992% increase in customer engagement

CIAM solutions

Leverage universal identity

The Janrain Identity Cloud provides a single, consistent and accurate view of your customers across the entire business ecosystem. Our cloud-native platform enables distributed systems to uniquely identify customer information without significant central coordination. Janrain helps to create the “golden record” for each registered customer. We take registered customer data and apply it to access every digital property using any device for a seamless omnichannel experience—anytime and anywhere.

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Ensure data security

Our comprehensive, secure platform adheres to strict risk, governance, compliance, and auditability best practices. We store all PII data, ensuring that it’s encrypted and protected both at rest and in transit. We offer General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness, are certified compliant with ISO and HIPAA, hold a clean SOC2 report, and leverage the advanced features of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our solution enforces data management and authorization policies with advanced capabilities such as built-in scoped access to customer data based on role, and segmented single sign-on.

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Support identity at scale

Janrain was the very first CIAM vendor to manage customer identities on AWS—starting back in 2006. The Janrain Identity Cloud provides higher availability, greater reach, and lower operating costs than any other CIAM solution. We provide 42 availability zones in 16 geographical regions across the globe, supported by 200 AWS cloud data centers. So if your enterprise cannot afford to lose access to customer data—even for a minute—then there’s no better choice than Janrain.

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Integrate into your ecosystem

With the Janrain Identity Cloud, identities can be accessed anywhere through our robust integration capability. These include enriched profiles and behaviors, events and activations, data export and import, data distributions, APIs, SDKs, UI, and network scale. By providing scale across the entire identity cloud, we offer enhanced performance and more opportunities for insights across your user population.

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“Janrain was a perfect choice for us as they are a global company that can offer our users the choice of many different login options. We have seen excellent uptime since working with them and I am extremely pleased with the service we have been given throughout our relationship.”

Valtteri Karu, Director, Technical Operations, Sulake

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