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Janrain respects your privacy and will treat the personal data you choose to share with us in accordance with our privacy policy.

Customer identity 
for marketing leaders

As digital complexities grow, so do your customers’ expectations. The key to winning customer hearts—and wallets—starts with knowing whom they are, and then delivering the personalized interactions that will keep them coming back for more. At Janrain, we support your marketing initiatives by giving you the power to deliver unparalleled customer experiences. You’ll streamline customer identification and generate even more rich customer data.

As the first choice of marketing leaders across the globe, the Janrain Identity Cloud lets you build direct customer relationships through opt-in registration. We collect first-party data and third-party information from social login so you gain a better understanding of your customers. By connecting this data to your existing marketing platforms and integrating with the advertising technologies you rely on, we help you reach consumers anywhere. And to protect your brand’s reputation and enable consumer trust, we provide the strongest data privacy and controls in the industry.

“Digital insights fuel business strategy. With digital ubiquity, businesses gain more intimate access to customers and to digitally derived insights that aid business planning.”

Thriving In A Post-Digital World, Forrester Research, Inc., April 26, 2016

The Janrain Identity Cloud® boosts your marketing efforts

10x improvement in the customer experience for registration and login

2x increase in customer registration conversion

3x increase in customer engagement

Manage customer identities

Manage customer identities

Manage customer identities

The Janrain Identity Cloud supports your omnichannel marketing efforts by making it easy to:

  • Acquire and recognize customers with data-rich profiles across all of your marketing properties and channels
  • Efficiently and centrally manage your customer identities
  • Understand and influence the customer journey through registration, social login, access management, preference management, universal ID, user experience management, and marketing platform integrations
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Secure personal information

Secure personal information

Secure personal information

Ensure your brand’s reputation with our comprehensive security and privacy features:

  • European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • ISO, HIPAA, SOC2 Type II certification and compliance
  • Advanced security features of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Flexibility to implement regional standards and governance to meet your specific needs
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Activate the customer journey

Activate the customer journey

Activate the customer journey

Our comprehensive platform supports your marketing activities:

  • Create trusted digital relationships that improve personalized customer experiences
  • Gain an enriched, single view of each individual customer
  • Activate digital experiences using customer insights, segmentations, personalization, customer journey analytics, customer experience optimization, and marketing stack activation integrations
  • Increase customer lifetime value and ongoing revenue streams
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“We wanted an easy-to-deploy solution that covered desktop, mobile and in-app logins across social logins… We saw improved insight into customer identities and journeys as critical to successfully growing our membership program and newsletter subscriptions.”

Heidi Strom Moon, Slate Product Manager

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