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Janrain respects your privacy and will treat the personal data you choose to share with us in accordance with our privacy policy.

The Janrain Identity Cloud® for customer loyalty programs

Loyalty and membership programs are all about customer identity. To win consumer loyalty and trust through a membership program, your company must understand who your members are – and then deliver personalized, friction-free, omnichannel customer experiences to keep them engaged and coming back for more. 

To master the complexities and succeed, your organization needs an enterprise-grade customer identity and access management (CIAM) solution. As the first choice of loyalty program providers across the globe, the Janrain Identity Cloud provides a flexible schema upon which your company can innovate. Our solution:

  • Lowers the threshold to entry by streamlining member identification with social login, registration, SSO, step-up authentication, and more
  • Provides a unified view of your members across programs, channels and marketing campaigns
  • Lets you collect information that's important to your business (for example, cat or dog owner, window seat or aisle, premium gas or regular) and build customer profiles relevant to your brand
  • Provides analytics and market intelligence that enable your company to create unparalleled member experiences
  • Includes comprehensive security features to protect your members’ data and thwart bad actors

"We really do believe we’ve achieved a much higher rate of membership and a much higher rate of login because of the Janrain product."

Amy Harp, Head of Global Brand at Illy

Registration, login and authentication for customer loyalty programs

Make member access seamless

Registration, login and authentication for customer loyalty programs

Your members want friction-free access to their membership benefits regardless of where they are or what device they're using. Janrain’s comprehensive registration, login and authentication capabilities provide everything you need to easily acquire and recognize loyalty program members across your websites, mobile apps, and devices. 

  • Eliminate barriers to site entry and reduce support costs with social login
  • Reduce abandonment rates and create better user experiences with SSO
  • Get registration and data collection forms, profile pages, account creation flows, password management, and field validation—right out of the box and readily customizable
  • Choose from a wide array of authentication options, including support for mobile authentication, adaptive authentication and multi-factor authentication
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Activate loyalty program members with identity data analytics

Activate loyalty program members

Activate loyalty program members with identity data analytics

Customer loyalty programs can drive more consumption and time spent interacting with your brand across all of your sites, apps and channels. Our solution combines demographic data with behavioral and personal preference insights to help you optimize offers and activate members. Put your loyalty membership identity data to work with Janrain.

  • Create trusted relationships that improve personalized member experiences while boosting value and revenue
  • Gain an enriched, single 360-degree view of each individual member
  • Segment audiences and identify factors impacting attrition across all your channels and regions, to improve member engagement
  • Activate digital experiences using customer insights, personalization, customer journey analytics, customer experience optimization, activation integrations, and more
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secure your customer loyalty program data

Safeguard loyalty program data

secure your customer loyalty program data

Customer loyalty programs are susceptible to attack, misuse and fraud. That’s why your company needs an identity and access management platform that's built to withstand the challenges of denial of service attacks, stolen identities and fraudsters trying to game your program. The Janrain Identity Cloud helps you:

  • Enforce advanced data management and authorization policies with capabilities like adaptive authentication, scoped access, attribute-based access controls, and segmented SSO. 
  • Ensure your member data is secure through risk and fraud analytics, privacy measures, infrastructure management, governance enforcement, compliance management and security information and event management (SIEM) integrations.
  • Rest easy. Janrain adheres to the strictest security and privacy best practices in the CIAM industry. We are certified compliant with ISO and HIPAA, hold a clean SOC2 report, and leverage the advanced features of Amazon Web Services, including security procedures and database controls to provide another level of security for your customer data.
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Eliminate loyalty program data silos

Eliminate loyalty program data silos

Eliminate loyalty program data silos

You need a single, consistent and accurate view of your customers across the entire business ecosystem. To boost the impact of your loyalty programs, Janrain lets you access identities everywhere through our robust integration capabilities. Your company will benefit from:

  • Unified and universal user identities that help you build a holistic view of your customers
  • Flexible data structures that support the varying needs of regions or brands across global enterprises
  • Robust APIs and SDKs so your organization can integrate member profile data into apps, communication platforms, specialized network segments, reporting tools and marketing automation systems in real time
  • An extensive ecosystem of 100+ technology partnerships that lets you connect your complete marketing technology stack, as well as customer-facing systems, enterprise data lakes and legacy software
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Loyalty program consent management for GDPR compliance

Make consent and compliance easy

Loyalty program consent management for GDPR compliance

Turn General Data Protection Regulation compliance into an opportunity to drive customer engagement and build trust with loyalty program members. Janrain offers sophisticated consent and privacy policy management tools that ease the burden of compliance with new regulations and create opportunities for closer customer relationships. 

  • Customizable fine-grained consent forms can be progressively invoked, making it easier to ask and obtain explicit consent from loyalty program members. 
  • Preference center and consent lifecycle management tools enable members to review and update their privacy choices at any time.
  • Built-in mechanisms for easy data record access, data pseudonymization, data portability and data erasure and deletion ease compliance.
  • Scoped access controls manage which aspects of personally identifiable information (PII) are available to different roles in your organization.
  • Simplify management and reporting by consolidating access control rules and authorization logic into one place with Advanced Policy Manager.
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Loyalty program performance that scales globally

Performance that scales

Loyalty program performance that scales globally

Successful loyalty programs can grow to millions of members. When there’s a surge in member activity - whether from a weather event, a holiday, or a successful marketing campaign - it’s vital that your identity platform performs. With over 1.5 billion identities reached, Janrain is the preferred choice of many of the world’s leading loyalty programs. You benefit from:

  • The largest data center footprint of any CIAM solution - giving you the ability to rapidly deploy and scale around the world. 
  • Database capacity that intelligently and automatically scales to ensure performance in the event of unexpected spikes in traffic. 
  • Unmatched availability for high-volume loyalty programs  - with target uptimes of 99.999% and round-the-clock service support.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery processes that ensure the security and persistence of your member data in case of system failures.
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"Loyalty program members are your most valuable customers - Our data shows that consumers who enroll in programs display the potential for deep, long-lasting relationships that go beyond the discounts a brand offers to loyalty program members."

How Consumers Really Feel About Loyalty Programs, Forrester Research Inc., May 8, 2017

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