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Digital transformation challenges

Today’s hyper-competitive business landscape is more dynamic than ever. To remain successful and avoid being disrupted, enterprises across all industry segments are transforming their business models to leverage new digital technologies. When deploying new digital initiatives, it’s imperative to engage customers at every touch point in the customer journey. To navigate digital transformations successfully, enterprises must understand how digital trends are reshaping the digital landscape and the customer journey—because digital transformation fundamentally reshapes the entire customer experience.

Deliver on the promise with the Janrain Identity Cloud®

Delivering on the full potential of digital transformation means forging deep relationships with customers as unique individuals, not just as group members defined by demographics. Understanding each customer and their unique interests is critical. Digital transformation initiatives provide the perfect opportunity for your organization to “lean in” and learn more about your customers and how they connect with your company and your brands.

But how do you create the seamless, safe and personal digital customer experiences that will help your organization succeed with your transformation initiative? The key involves three core concepts: managing identity, securing identity and activating identity.

“Every company must invent or reinvent their business with technology at the core —
or watch while their customers defect and their markets are disrupted.”

- Digital Rewrites The Rules Of Business, Forrester Research, Inc., April 27, 2017.

Manage Identity to Consolidate Digital Transformation

Manage identity to consolidate digital transformation

Manage Identity to Consolidate Digital Transformation

Managing customer identities effectively is the cornerstone of any digital initiative. But successful identity management extends well beyond user authentication. Customers need easier and friction-free ways to authenticate while still being secure. And your organization requires flexibility around storing and collecting customer data, managing access to that data in ways that give your customers ultimate control in managing their preferences, terms of service, and privacy policies.

To meet these needs, the Janrain Identity Cloud makes it easy to:

  • Acquire and recognize customers with data-rich profiles across all web and mobile properties
  • Efficiently manage customer identities
  • Deliver core solutions such as registration, social login, access management, preference management, universal ID, user experience management, platform integrations, and more
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Secure Identity to Safeguard Digital Transformation

Secure identity to safeguard digital transformation

Secure Identity to Safeguard Digital Transformation

The digital transformation process provides the perfect opportunity for your company to make security a strategic advantage. Continuously earn the privilege of managing your customers’ data by enforcing all appropriate security measures and respecting your customers’ wishes. Prudent risk management, fraud detection and intrusion detection involve monitoring the behavior of users to estimate, plan for, and avoid or detect risk.

To maximize security and minimize risk, the Janrain Identity Cloud provides:

  • Support for European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • ISO, HIPAA, SOC2 Type II certification and compliance – plus the advanced features of Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Flexibility to implement regional standards and governance to meet your unique needs
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Activate Identity to Realize Digital Transformation

Activate identity to realize digital transformation

Activate Identity to Realize Digital Transformation

Beyond the fundamentals of purchase history and product registrations, creating trusted digital relationships can drive more consumption and time spent interacting with your products. Complement demographics and behavioral attributes with psychographics, propensity models and behavioral models to optimize the points along the customer journey where they will be most receptive to personalization and activation.

Our platform will help you:

  • Create trusted digital relationships that improve personalized customer experiences while boosting value and revenue
  • Gain an enriched, single view of each individual customer
  • Activate digital experiences using customer insights, segmentations, personalization, customer journey analytics, customer experience optimization, and activation integrations
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Real-Time Data for Digital Transformation

Real-time data for digital transformation

Real-Time Data for Digital Transformation

To boost the efficiency of your transformation, Janrain lets you access identities everywhere through our robust integration capability. These include enriched profiles and behaviors, events and activations, data export and import, data distributions, APIs, SDKs and UI, and network infrastructure scale. By providing scale across the entire network of the identity cloud, we support your digital transformation initiatives with enhanced performance and more opportunities for insights across every customer of your business .

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“The customer has complete freedom of access, and with the Janrain platform working for us we can still recognize them and serve relevant content, regardless of the device they’re on. This is the future for both publishers and business partners, and a model we plan to replicate with Janrain in other markets.”

- Rebekah King, Director of Customer Engagement, Cox Media Group

About the Janrain Identity Cloud

The first choice of global enterprises for mission-critical customer identity and access management (CIAM) needs, the Janrain Identity Cloud provides real-time identity management, security, and activation capabilities that enable seamless and safe customer experiences—while providing your organization with deep customer insights.

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