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Janrain respects your privacy and will treat the personal data you choose to share with us in accordance with our privacy policy.

The GDPR opportunity

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) signals the beginning of a new era in consumer privacy. Brands that respect customers' wishes in how personal data is managed and how consent is collected will benefit from improved customer trust and engagement. Janrain offers sophisticated consent and privacy policy management tools to help businesses turn tough regulations into an opportunity for closer customer relationships.

“The challenge: As organizations collect more and more data, they need to
continue to give users simple mechanisms to select how their data is shared.”

Top Trends That Will Shape CIAM In 2018 And Beyond, Forrester Research, Inc., September 7, 2017

Achieve GDPR readiness

You can trust Janrain to assist your company in crafting and implementing a consumer data strategy that respects your customers' wishes and supports your regulatory compliance. Over the past 15 years, we’ve accumulated extensive experience in achieving compliance with numerous data security and privacy regulations. And as the creator of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), we currently manage over 1.5 billion customer identities for over 3,400 companies around the globe. As a result, we are in a unique position to help your company when it comes to GDPR readiness and remediation.

The Janrain Identity Cloud® was the first CIAM solution to offer comprehensive facilities to address GDPR requirements. Our technology and services align with 100% of the technical demands of the GDPR regulations and streamline your remediation efforts.

For example, we offer features to help you meet GDPR obligations including checkbox consent mechanisms for explicit consent, consent lifecycle management, centralized governance for access control, progressive permissions, easy data record access mechanisms, data correction/integrity mechanisms, data portability, data erasure/deletion, scoped access for users and integrations, data pseudonymization and age gating.

Achieve GDPR compliance. Janrain's Consent Lifecycle Management solution helps you obtain informed consent from consumers and prepare for GDPR.

Consent Lifecycle Management

As part of the Janrain Identity Cloud, our Consent Lifecycle Management solution helps you obtain informed consent from your customers to comply with GDPR regulations. We provide highly customizable, fine-grained consent forms that can be invoked progressively on any digital property, from websites to mobile apps to IoT devices. This helps build trust with your customers by making it easy for them to understand and manage their consent. Customers can go back to their consent declarations at any time for review, validation, revocation, or other changes.

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Illustration of Janrain Advanced Policy Manager providing consolidated access management for GDPR compliance

Advanced policy management

Janrain’s Advanced Policy Manager consolidates fragmented authorization rules into a single, central solution that serves all of the apps, assets and sites in your ecosystem. WIth intuitive policy controls and cloud-based decision-as-a-service, Janrain simplifies rule administration and eases the development of new apps and services.  Access control rules and authorization logic can be demonstrated in one single place, which helps businesses to comply with regulatory requirements or industry standards such as GDPR. 

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GDPR Primer and GDPR Readiness Assessment helps you prepare for GDPR compliance.

Get started with our GDPR Primer

Our GDPR Primer workshops can help guide your company’s approach to GDPR compliance and accelerate your project:

  • The Janrain GDPR Primer is a 3-8 hour discovery workshop
  • The GDPR Primer addresses the basics and helps your organization identify needs and gaps on your journey to compliance
  • The GDPR Primer workshop is led by member of the Janrain Professional Services team experienced in how GDPR and other regulations impact customer identity data management
  • The GDPR Primer workshop can be tailored to the specific requirements of your organization
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“Customers want configurable, easy-to-understand consent mechanisms for sharing data about themselves and their devices.”

Top Trends That Will Shape CIAM In 2018 And Beyond, Forrester Research, Inc., September 7, 2017

Contact Janrain today

Our enterprise sales team is available for consultations at every step of your GDPR-compliant customer identity and access management journey.

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About the Janrain Identity Cloud

The first choice of global enterprises for mission-critical customer identity and access management (CIAM) needs, the Janrain Identity Cloud provides real-time identity management, security, and activation capabilities that enable seamless and safe customer experiences—while providing your organization with deep customer insights.

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