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Identity resolution challenges

Today’s rapidly evolving customer journeys and omnichannel user experiences heighten the need for robust identity resolution capabilities. In order to remain competitive and execute successful contextual marketing, analytics and orchestration outcomes, companies must combat data fragmentation by integrating known and anonymous user information into unified user profiles compiled from a multitude of data sources, touch points and interactions. To connect the dots and meet these pressing identity resolution challenges, visionary companies turn to enterprise-grade customer identity and management (CIAM) solutions to enable seamless, cross-channel marketing and consumer experiences. 

The power of Janrain identity resolution

The Janrain Identity Cloud® provides your organization with the power and flexibility to deliver unparalleled contextual marketing initiatives and consumer experiences. As the first choice of leading brands around the globe, our CIAM solution helps you manage, secure and activate user identities. The Janrain Identity Cloud streamlines the identification of known and anonymous users across multiple channels with robust tracking, registration, social login, and authentication capabilities. 

Our comprehensive and secure customer profile database eliminates fragmented silos by centralizing the data and the unique identifiers that connect known and anonymous users across multiple systems and devices. The Janrain Identity Cloud integrates with more than 160 on-premise and cloud-based systems—including marketing automation, CRM and business intelligence—providing your organization with even more identity resolution insights.

“The ability to accurately identify customers is the most basic prerequisite for marketing analytics, orchestration, and execution.”

- The Strategic Role of Identity Resolution, Forrester Research Inc., October 17, 2016

Anonymous-to-known tracking

Unlike other CIAM solutions, the Janrain Identity Cloud will boost your identity resolution by providing comprehensive anonymous-to-known user tracking capabilities. 

  • Identify anonymous users and track them across visits to your domains and applications before they make themselves known 
  • Benefit from a thorough portrayal of known and anonymous visitors, as well as the data you need to improve conversion rates
  • Build discrete histories of individual actions and correlate those histories when your anonymous visitors convert to known users
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Registration, login and authentication

Once your visitors are ready to convert to known users, Janrain’s comprehensive registration, login and authentication capabilities provide everything you need to acquire and recognize them on your websites, mobile apps, devices, and the Internet of Things. The Janrain Identity Cloud provides:

  • Registration and data collection forms, profile pages, account creation flows, password management, and field validation—right out of the box and readily customizable
  • A wide array of authentication options, including support for mobile authentication, adaptive authentication and multi-factor authentication
  • Social login to eliminate barriers to site entry and provide permission-based access to your users’ first-party identity data
  • Single sign-on capabilities for a better user experience, reduced support costs, and lower site abandonment rates 
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Customer journey analytics

Our powerful Customer Journey Analytics module provides anonymous identifiers that can be integrated with any online platform and with any number of other anonymous or known identifiers to create a network of linked identities.

  • Known IDs are created as Janrain Unique User Identifiers (UUIDs) and can be federated across any online system
  • Deep insights can be gained by aggregating individual customer journeys into meaningful audience segments
  • Integration with third party tools provides a comprehensive online plus offline data exchange capability to allow end-to-end connection of interaction points across multiple channels
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Identity resolution insights

Put your known and anonymous identity data to work with Janrain Customer Insights. Powerful reporting, data analysis and visualization tools let you transform vast amounts of user data into usable information.

  • Benefit from a 360-degree omnichannel view of the customer journey
  • Get real-time reports and dashboards of the health, usage and performance status of the Janrain Identity Cloud
  • Segment audiences and identify factors impacting attrition across all your channels and regions, improving visitor engagement and conversion rates 
  • Integrate with all major digital and web analytics solutions—including Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, IBM Customer Experience Analytics, Kissmetrics, and Webtrends—for deeper identity resolution analysis and insights
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Customer profile directory

Our comprehensive and secure customer profile database eliminates silos and fragmentation by providing your organization with the tools you need to access and manage known and anonymous identity data. 

  • Automatically store social profile data collected via social login along with data collected from traditional registration and any custom fields you choose to define 
  • Integrate user and customer data with the marketing applications you already use—and scale to accommodate high volumes
  • Efficiently import legacy customer data from existing databases to retain historical intelligence about your users
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Data security and stewardship

Since our founding, Janrain has been a leader in authenticating individuals and securing their digital identities. The Janrain Identity Cloud fully encrypts all data at rest and in motion to ensure complete security.

  • We provide additional safeguards by managing which aspects of anonymous and personally identifiable information (PII) are available to different roles in your organization
  • We were the first CIAM vendor to offer comprehensive facilities to address the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements
  • Our Consent Lifecycle Management and Advanced Policy Manager modules provide the ability to manage end-to-end preferences around content, frequency, context, consent, and more
  • We connect to third-party security information and event management (SIEM) solutions for security monitoring and anomaly detection
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Real-time data, integrations and interoperability

We build unified and universal user identities from the widest array of identity providers. We also make robust APIs and SDKs available so your organization can integrate user profile data into apps, communication platforms, specialized network segments, reporting tools and marketing automation systems in real time. 

  • Skip tedious registration forms and automatically create user profiles by leveraging permission-based user data captured in 35+ social networks ranging from Google and Facebook to WeChat and Weibo
  • Leverage specialized identity providers like Amazon and PayPal for ecommerce—and HCP validation providers such as DocCheck and Fimnet for healthcare
  • Our extensive ecosystem of 100+ technology partnerships lets you connect your complete marketing technology stack, as well as customer-facing systems, enterprise data lakes and legacy software
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“Effective identity resolution spans devices and touchpoints, creating the addressability for systems of engagement to deliver cross-channel customer experiences.”

- The Strategic Role of Identity Resolution, Forrester Research Inc., October 17, 2016

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About the Janrain Identity Cloud

The first choice of global enterprises for mission-critical customer identity and access management (CIAM) needs, the Janrain Identity Cloud provides real-time identity management, security, and activation capabilities that enable seamless and safe customer experiences—while providing your organization with deep customer insights.

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