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Samsung Case Study

Market Leadership Through Customer Relationships

For more than 70 years, Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through advanced technologies, competitive products and constant innovation. As a global leader in the digital technology industry, they are always looking for new ways to connect with their customers on a personal level.

Traditionally, Product Registration has been a successful tactic for electronics manufacturers that do not sell directly to end consumers, to identify customers and learn more about them. Today this effort is largely executed on manufacturer websites, and provides valuable insights that allow brands to better support existing customers and inform product roadmap plans.

Matthew Moller, Director of Digital Engagement at Samsung, wanted to continue to develop Samsung’s connection with people who own their products, as well as nurture that relationship by providing an engaging experience on their website. While there were a number of considerations at hand, Samsung believed that making the Create An Account process at their site simpler could result in significant benefits for both their customers and Samsung.

After evaluating a number of vendor solutions, Samsung launched the Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP) across their website in order to support the following goals:

  • Build relationships directly with their customers by gathering profile data and insights to improve customer intelligence
  • Improve the account creation process to allow people to quickly engage
  • Increase participation in the site
"The impact of implementing JUMP is incredibly valuable as we seek to understand who our customers are, what products they like or own, what value props are working, what marketing is driving sales."

Matthew Moller
Director of Digital
Engagement, Samsung

matthew moller

The first step in achieving these objectives was to implement an easier way for customers to set up a new account, or access an existing one. Social login, which is the ability for a website visitor to use an existing identity such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo! etc. to register or login was chosen. Almost immediately, Samsung website visitors affirmed that they prefer social login to avoid remembering another username/ password combination by choosing to use a social or email identity to register.

When customers choose to use a social identity, Samsung also gains valuable insights about them. Social profile data is often the most complete and reliable data available and provides information on demographics and more – interests, activities, friends and other products owned.

When social profile data is combined in the Janrain Capture database along with other relevant data and analytics, a 360-degree view of customers is developed to provide a deeper understanding of the motivations, actions and predictable behaviors of their customers. With this knowledge, Samsung can identify which marketing campaign tactics and messages are most impactful, and improve relevancy of offers to help reach their digital objectives of driving product awareness.

High-Value Customer Relationships

Email marketing is a key element to Samsung’s digital plan. In addition to driving product awareness through cross-promotional messages and offers, they drive recipients to click a Shop Now link that helps them find a retailer to make a desired purchase.

Samsung’s agency partner, Merkle, a leading customer relationship marketing (CRM) firm and the nation’s largest privately-held agency manages the strategy, creation and evaluation of the campaigns and is accountable to their success. Their evaluation of the program during the first five months revealed that customers who chose social login to create or access an account were high value customers:

samsung reviews

"Our analysis confirms that Samsung customers who choose social login to create an account are highly valuable, engaged consumers."

Lee Talbott
Senior Manager, Digital Analytics Practicei

In summary, by deploying the Janrain User Management Platform, Samsung has been able to successfully:

  • Expedite the account creation process
  • Access and leverage social profile data to enhance customer intelligence
  • Increase engagement on site and via email with high-value customers who prefer to use social login
"The quality of profile attributes that we’re adding to the Samsung customer database is powerful data that has the potential to significantly impact our future marketing programs."

Lee Talbott

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